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Hypnosis is designed to help clients break free from smoking. If you find yourself living with a stubborn cough, shortness of breath, and other health concerns related to smoking, Kelowna City Hypnosis can help you change that. Picture yourself having more money in your pocket to do the things you love, you pretty much get paid to be a non-smoker. 

Imagine being able to easily make this powerful lifestyle change and see how it will positively ripple out into all areas of your life. Most people are surprised how easy it is to quit smoking with hypnosis. It’s clear that it is absolutely worth it to get smoking out of your life. When YOU are ready to quit smoking hypnosis can help. Call to book your free screening today and save your life.

Well I took a chance on hypnosis and I”m glad that I did, I struggled for years with cigars, I’d quit and I was an ass for 3 days – unbearable, I’d argue with my wife and end up going back to smoking. I’d battle myself in my own mind wanting to quit. Now, after 3 sessions I feel great, I have been in a good mood and haven’t pissed anyone off. Food tastes better and I go for daily 4km walks. The lilacs smell absolutely amazing. My cravings are so small that I can defeat them in my own mind. I don’t feel like I’m stuck anymore, battling my own thoughts. Best decision ever.

Paul G, Business Owner – Kelowna, BC, June 2022

Hypnosis Services

We offer hypnosis programs that help individuals with Weight loss, Stop Smoking, Stress Management, Sleep management, breaking bad habits and letting go of fears. Our programs aim to create positive changes in a client’s life by finding new ways of how to work through life changes effectively with hypnosis.

With hypnosis you can learn to keep the weight off and live life in a healthy range.

Hypnosis can help you quit smoking and discover how to enjoy your life smoke-free.

Learning to manage stress with hypnosis is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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