Tired of the Diet Merry-Go-Round?

Hypnosis can help you escape the merry-go-round of dieting and get you lasting results.

This is a fictitious story about a weight loss client using hypnosis to help make the lasting change in living a healthy and slim lifestyle. 

Lisa was tired of looking in her closet and seeing all of her clothes that no longer fit. She had resorted to wearing oversized stretchy clothing that she was able to hide under. When she would go to bend over, she would feel very uncomfortable. The final straw was not being able to recognize herself in a photograph. It had gotten to the point that she would prefer to stay home than go out and see her friends. Her love and zest for life was in a downward spiral. Lisa’s self-esteem was all but gone. 

Food was always on Lisa’s mind. What she could eat? What couldn’t she eat?  What time she should eat at? This constant worrying was resulting in Lisa feeling stressed. She was overwhelmed and frustrated and it was beginning to hurt her relationships. 

Lisa had tried all of the quick fix diets, they would work for a little while, but she would always go back to her old ways and habits. The weight she lost always came back, plus some! 

Lisa loved eating to distract herself. If she felt sad or upset – she would comfort herself by eating something sweet. While watching TV after just finishing dinner she would mindlessly wander to the snack cupboard, even if she felt full! Afterwards the guilt and self-judgment would creep in resulting in her eating more and continuing the vicious cycle.

It was time to make the decision to change. Time to stop making excuses.

Things like:

“I’m too busy, it’s easier to grab take out quick”

“There is always a holiday and something to celebrate and it’s not a good time”

“I’ll start next Monday”

Not only was she unhealthy mentally, the physical problems were beginning to become worse in her life. This was not the way she wanted to feel, she knew she had to do something. 

Weight Loss with Hypnosis

When Lisa first came to Mountain View Hypnosis, she found out about other people who were like her and succeeded with weight loss. As a result, she could see that weight loss was possible for her too. 

Through hypnosis, Lisa learned new ways to feel calm and enjoy her life again. The stress of always worrying about food was behind her; it was the first time in her life that didn’t constantly think about food. Lisa was feeling more confident and felt that it was now easy to make healthy choices each day. 

Lisa knew that hypnosis was not a quick fix for weight loss. She made a personal commitment to stick with it and block out any external sabotage.  Even though she experienced inevitable bumps in the road along the way, she was willing to see each road block as learning and take a detour route that still lead her towards her goal. As a result she had more patience with other people in her life and herself. 

She felt at ease knowing that if she needed them, that Mountain View Hypnosis was there to support and guide her should she need any further feedback. 

Over a number of months, she began feeling excited to look in her closet and chose what to wear each day. This also made shopping for new clothes more fun. Lisa felt in control of her weight for the first time in her life and had confidence that this will last.

If you can relate to Lisa’s experience, hypnosis may give you the opportunity to really lose weight and improve your life. Call now for your free hypnotic screening to if Mountain View Hypnosis is right for you too 250-215-9987